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Jach Family Wellness in Flossmoor, Illinois, a suburb of the Chicago area now has the Zerona LipoLASER!

You may have seen the Zerona Lipolaser by Erchonia Medical on several different TV shows recently, like "The Doctors", and "Rachel Ray". Many or our patients have taken advantage of it already and have gotten good results. You don't have to be a patient here though to get Zerona treatments.
We have also added to the basic Zerona program other Doctors are offering. We have included dietary recommendations, nutritional supplements included with the program price along with a exercise, and hydration (fluids) plan to help you get maximum results.
As you have probably already heard, The Zerona is the first non-invasive body-slimming procedure to effectively shape the body by removing excess fat.

This revolutionary method provides results without the dangers associated with weight loss surgery. At the same time it allows patients to remain active during treatment. The Zerona LipoLASER is the safest and most researched low level laser in the world.
During the procedure patients most often do not feel anything. The laser doesn't produce any heat. The treatment takes 40 minutes- 20 minutes per front and back done 3 times per week for a minimum of 2 weeks for best results.

Clinical trials have resulted in an average of 3.5 inches lost and some patients losing up to as much as 9 inches with 12 treatments. Results will vary from patient to patient, and this is not just a quick weight loss program. The Zerona targets the fat tissue and is not just taking off excess water weight.

Call and schedule your consultation to start Zerona. You can pick up your nutritional supplements and instructions and get started right away!

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